Message of Prof. Kamal

We the Members of Patel Smarak Seva Sansthan Gorakhpur are giving an example of great Personality who has been one of the founder member of the sansthan. His Prof. Kamal (Patel) who was born of 2 sept. 1938 to the parents of a lower middle class peasantry of kushinagar Distt. then Deoira Gorakhpur Division (Father Late Shri C.P. Patel & Smt. Mother J.P. patel). He graduated in 1962 and Post Graduated in 1964 with specialization in Plant Pathology. Working under the supervision of professor K.S. Bhargava, he obtained PhD. Degree in Botany from Gorakhpur University, U.P in 1968.
As his teacher used to say that as a student he was very attentive, diligent and single minded. He joined the Botany department of Gorakhpur University in 1969 as Astt. Professor. Sine then, he has been actively engaged in teaching and Research in mophotaxonomy of plants Pathogenic Fungi. He got three month's time for advanced traing in taxonomy of Plant - Pathogenic Fungi in the Department of special Botany at S.F.I Zurich, Switzerland as an academy guest working under the supervision of professor E. Muller, a world known Mycologist and Plant Pathologist. He has been INSA visiting fellow to the royal academy of Science and Technology Kathmandu, Nepal hosted by Central Department of Botany Tribhuvan University from September 1993 to Fed. 1994 and U.G.C. visiting fellow in the Department of Botany, Dr. H.S. Guar University at Sagar (M.P.) for Three months.
It is needless to mention that he attended several seminars and Symposia word wide. He described over One Hundred new species and Twenty new genera of Plant Pathogenic Fungi to his credit. Over 65 students have awarded Ph.D degrees under his supervision. He has authored/co authored five books on Mycology, Plant Pathology and Microbiology.As his teachers and others used to say that he made his presence marked as a dedicated, devoted and disciplined teacher, researcher and guid. His simplicity and sagacity always endeared him to his students and colleagues. he has been a man of few words, frank, straight forward, enlightened, forward-looking, mentally alert, agile, always full new ideas. His planning of research projects have always been exemplary. Coming from very modest family, he scaled Glorious academic heights by his sheer hard work resilience and catholic devotion.
Just before his retirement, he organized an international conference on 'Frontiers of Fungal of Diversity and Diseases in South East Asia coupled with Annual meeting of mycological society of India of which he was elected as Vice President. This seminar was attended by Plants Pathologists and Mycologists all over South East Asia including four from China, fifteen from Nepal, four to five from B.R.A. Marathowads University Aurangabad (M.S.) including Professor Janardhan, fifteen from Goa University including Professor D.J. Bhatt, eight from Madras University with Professor K. Natrajan about nine to ten from R.D. University Jabalpur (M.P.) led by Professor R.C. Rajak, Some persons being from BHU Varanasi, Lucknow, Allahabad etc.
Even after his retirements he remained stuck to Mophotaxonomy of Plant Pathogenic Fungi when most of the mycologist migrated to other areas under the avalanche of Shifting trend from form to Function. Now the cycle is complet and the scientists in no uncertain terms realize the importance of Mycology to Taxonomy more then ever before.
He has been not only successful University teacher and researcher but also a good social worker. He has added a lot to Patel Smarak Sewa Sansthan at gorakhpur. On his behalf, the Patel Smarak Sewa Sansthan requests your contribution to this sansthan as much as possible at your end for the more and more development of the Sansthan. Accuatly , we want to construct some more rooms for the study of persons coming from out side and for the poor student of the society for their studies free of cost.
 Professor Dr. Kamal